Customized Personal Training

Located in Ridgefield, CT Personal Training Connection offers individualized personal training in the convenience of your home!
Specializing in:
  • Resistance training, toning and building
  • Core strengthening and proper breathing
  • Visualization and attainable goals to weight loss
  • Endurance building and cardio fitness
  • Flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Target and focus training
  • Empowering mind & body stress reduction techniques
  • Online Skype training - Anywhere in the world!

Latest from the Blog

Weight Training onset soreness
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Workout muscle soreness after a day or two is a build-up of lactid acid. Flush it through your system with adequate amounts of pure H2O. Also if you can afford it, get a deep tissue massage. This will release those … Read More

it’s OK to Fail
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You will never experience the feeling of being the lion standing tall on top of a steep hill if you’ve never experienced falling off of it. Failure produces legends never to be forgotten! You just have to press forward to … Read More

Confidence creates Success

Confidence lies deep within your inner being to trust, pursue & to have faith. This is the line of demarcation between success & failure. You can make it if you believe in your abilities to make your dreams a reality. … Read More

Nurturing Client Sensitivity

Heed the needs and limitations of your Clients. If they ask to be trained lightly and carefully, do so! If they ask for a moderate push, than do so! If they ask for “kick my butt so I fall down … Read More

Eat Healthy, Be Healthy!

“You are what you eat”…don’t take this literally, as you are not a sardine, a walnut, or a head of kale, but the phrase “you are”, means that your body extracts the key nutrients out of these super nutritious foods … Read More

Joint Pain & Arthritis

Occasional joint pain & mild arthritis can be a drag & literally (a pain). Occasionally, too much red meat, organ meats, & even not enough daily water intake can cause an acidic imbalance in your blood stream & metabolism. Symptoms … Read More