Joe Savoia of Ridgefield is making sure today's stars never looked better. In recent years, the former body builder-turned-celebrity trainer has helped notables such as British singer Lulu and actor Laurence Luckinbill stay in tip-top physical shape with tailored workout regimens.
Here are some amazing stories from my clients, I look forward to helping you too.

“I have issues with my knees and in the past trainers would overwork them despite my pain -- or just ignore my legs completely. But, Joe has given me exercises to keep my legs toned and fit, and go easy on the knees”
- Lulu - British Singer/Actor

"Joe knows his stuff. He's the real deal. He has changed my husband, Larry Luckinbill’s life with the way he trains. He feels safe in his care."
- Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill

“Joe, you are absolutely the best. We are very lucky to have found you. My girls are tough customers and the fact that they are so positive about their sessions is a testament to your skill and artistry. They have worked with the most famous trainers on both coasts. I am happy for Brit (AKA Pop Singing Star Matisse) to do as many sessions as she can fit in, and thank you so much for your sensitivity to Alex's limitations! XGail”
- Gail Federici, Wilton, CT

“I have been working with Joe since February, 2008. Joe’s focus is on customizing my individual program to help me build strength, lose weight, and burn fat calories. Since the training occurs at my own home, Joe has kept me accountable. During these last 8 months training with Joe, I have lost approximately 20 lbs., feel stronger and there has been a noticeable difference in my physique and well being. Additionally, my endurance has significantly improved through his aerobic and resistance training. Since I am over 50 years old, an additional personal benefit has been the use of a heart rate monitor during the work-outs, which allows us to optimize the pace of the training. I am happy with my results and look forward to continuing to work with Joe in the foreseeable future."
- Local M.D., Ridgefield, CT

My 13 year old son Jack and I have been working with Joe for the past year and we are extremely pleased with our progress. Joe's personal training regimen has transformed Jack's physique and helped to elevate his self esteem and confidence while I have increased both my strength and flexibility. Joe brings enthusiasm, encouragement and a vast knowledge of training technique into our home twice a week. We look forward to our sessions with Joe and highly recommend his services."
-Brian Guidera, Ridgefield, CT

“Joe helped our son (age 15) get into shape for his High School Ski Team tryout.
Joe developed a custom program that helped Terrence concentrate on strengthening the specific muscle groups that he needed to be a competitive ski racer.  Terrence says that the training was challenging but fun! Joe is a professional and kind.  We would recommend him to any student athlete.”
- Maura and Tim O'Connor, Ridgefield, CT

"My goal was to drop to a healthy weight, eat better and become more active. Never a fan of formalized exercise programs, I signed on with a bit of skepticism. But Joe has kept variety in the routines and made them interesting and challenging. In the beginning, I would never have stuck with this on my own without Joe keeping me motivated. I can now say that I am in the best shape of my adult life, and have lost over 30 pounds. Joe is the spark that got me going. He knows his stuff, develops a tailored program just for you and trains at whatever pace your body can handle."
- Tim O’Malley, Ridgefield, CT